Application platforms powered by Radmis

Radmis enables Artificial Intelligence for your business needs.

Data Governance and AI

Intelligent data solutions

Radmis helps businesses make better decisions by getting the most value out of the information data it has access to. Radmis employs best of breed technologies to deliver Business Intelligence using predictive analysis.

Together with our clients, we work out the best way to leverage the information opportunity available in the organisation and implement appropriate technologies to meet business needs.

We have mastered the art of cleaning up both structured and unstructured data in the most effective and streamlined way possible

Rapid Product Prototyping

Delivering real time innovation

Radmis offers Product Development Services, working closely with Product Managers, Marketers and Entrepreneurs to transform their vision and ideas into reality. From conception to delivery, to defining a product roadmap which will assist with business model development as well as technology enablement and support.

Radmis will assist to design better, richer products, much more quickly by customising and creating a user-centric working sample through it's Rapid Product Prototyping process. We will work with you and your team to iteratively define and refine your business requirements.

Software Engineering

Enabled through Artificial Intelligence

Radmis reduces technology investment risk through its rapid application development toolkit & methodologies for real time software application delivery to help solve challenging business and agency problems

Due to the fast delivery capability of Radmis frameworks and platforms, features can be deployed and tested by key stakeholders in a matter of days. Organisations that have implemented the Radmis platform have the ability to reuse capability for even faster deployment of new features and functionality

Professional Services

Experienced SME Consultants

Radmis IT consulting services assist businesses with developing an IT Strategy. Radmis also work with consulting partners to provide IT Consulting services.

Enterprise Architecture, Business Analysis, Program Management, Project Management, Product Management, Data Management, Artificial Intelligence enablement and integration, Quality Assurance, Application Support, Training Development and Delivery, Technology Acquisition Strategy, IT Risk Management, Data forensics