Overview and Capability

Our company is led by experienced entrepreneurial, engineering and business mindsets whom have successfully delivered over 100 technology projects across various industries.

Radmis is a Sydney based wholly owned Australian company. Our core competency is in designing and developing enterprise grade online and mobile software solutions using the proprietary Radmis Application Framework that has been developed and in-use for over 15 years. The team has had extensive experience in the Australian ICT industry building high availability, high transactional, secure, robust and scalable enterprise grade software applications.

Roadmap into the future

Radmis is focused on its future vision to be leader in software development automation platforms enabled through natural language processing that allows users to make software development requests to Radmis AI whom will intelligently and automatically build prototypes and iterate based on user requests. The ultimate goal is to achieve Plain English Software Development Language AI services.

The Radmis team has delivered over 100 systems to production leveraging its platform and frameworks. Areas of focus and specialties are across software architecture and engineering, artificial intelligence, data forensics, digital security, product development and commercialisation, IT management consulting, programme/project management, business analysis, payments, fraud risk management, campaign management, government assisted trials, rapid prototyping just to name a few.

The Radmis team pride themselves on working closely with clients to get products delivered to market fast by understanding and utilising the latest in technology. Truly passionate about digital convergence, emerging technologies and the ability to understand the business models around online and mobile channels, the Radmis team excel in implementing cutting edge solutions required for difficult situations.

Radmis' main objective is to deliver transparent and successful outcomes and as such has designed a unique way of working with clients through the use of Joint Application Development (JAD) and Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodologies and process' working closely with our clients to get to market fast by enabling the technology required to get there. We will work with your team and assist to design better, richer products, much more quickly by customising and creating a user-centric working sample through our Rapid Product Prototyping process.

Platform as a Service

Managing technology needs into the future is becoming more complex. Radmis appreciates that adapting to new technology requires new skills, time, and costs money. Radmis provide approaches for eliminating, or at the very least minimise these negative effects through the use of Radmis Application Management framework and methodologies for delivering and building products that are customised to meet client requirements. Radmis will assist to deliver immediate and long-term benefits, including but not limited to:

Provision of efficiency gains

Future proofing technology environment

Bringing forward the ability to implement technology applications by removing current constraints and limitations

Long-term cost savings