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Radmis is for enterprise and government clients who are dissatisfied with their workforce performing menial tasks like basic customer service, data cleansing and report writing. Our product is a rapid application development framework that is five times faster to deploy and natively supports our AI agents. Unlike other frameworks, our applications can be managed by non-technical users and leverage conversational ai for data entry, analytics and answering questions.

Artificial Intelligence:
Science Fiction is Today's Reality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) transcends beyond science fiction into today's cutting edge technology, creating unprecedented transformation, change and opportunities for both companies and investors since the Industrial Revolution.

When you imagine Artificial Intelligence, you can't help but wonder whether machines can think...?

The Turing test, is a benchmark used to determine whether a machine has the ability to "think" like a human. It has become an important concept in the philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, developed by Alan Turing in 1950 recognised as being the father of AI.

Amongst all the hype, AI is not a new concept and has incrementally evolved over two decades continually pushing the boundaries of computational power at each turning point. AI is exponentially being adopted today driven by the availability of more data (e.g., social media, IoT sensors, new apps), cheaper computational power, sophisticated algorithms and greater investment across every industry sector. Today, machines are using logic, reason, and experience powered by exponential data growth and becoming remarkably more human.

Rise of the Autonomous Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence continues to transform how we all work, think, live, communicate and play... connecting people, machines and data.

As we begin the journey into the 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), we continue to automate process' of predictable, routine work and leverage greater access to data and intelligence enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) digitising and integrating complete chain processes to further grant autonomy to robotics. This gives rise to the disruption of business models creating a competitive market advantage.

Deep learning based on neural networks modelled on the human brain coupled with Machine learning, a set of tools that allow a machine to iteratively learn from data and develop models that have not been specifically programmed by a person will generate better predictions and results compared to traditional human programming.

Jobs will be displaced, and there will be a skills shortage

Access to relevant higher intelligence is becoming a challenge. The world economic forum estimates that ~ 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that do not exist yet.

Everywhere around us we are carrying out repetitive work that can be automated, yet we continue to waste human effort on tasks that can be automated rather than concentrating human effort towards areas that are experiencing shortages where human effort is most valuable. These areas are ripe for automation. Skills shortage exist in areas of growth such as aged care, managing people. As Darwin says:

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

We are in the age of Artificial Intelligence

It's prudent to stay ahead of the game

Automation will fundamentally change the nature of organisations. The challenge for managers will be to identify where automation could transform their organisations, and then figure out where to unlock value, given the cost of replacing human labor with machines and the complexity of adapting business processes to a changed workplace.

Most benefits may come not from reducing labor costs but from raising productivity through fewer errors, higher output, and improved quality, safety, and speed.

Some will weather the storm, while others will cease to exist

Evidence suggest that AI is beginning to gain scale, maturity with the support of an ecosystem conducive to being effective. AI supports humans to make more informed decisions with greater speed, especially when time pressures result in high risk outcomes

You've got to be forward thinking and leverage Artificial Intelligence for your business to stay ahead of the game or risk being left behind.

It can be overwhelming to know how to best leverage emerging technologies, it can either make dreams come true and bring about profound changes for the greater good or destroy society as we know it. Thus, it is prudent to push forward and break boundaries yet simultaneously know what and how to take cautions. By not taking action, are you willing to risk your business being left behind?

Business leaders will expect automation to deliver company performance benefits, cost reductions, raise throughput, increase reliability and improve quality such as higher customer satisfaction.

Radmis will take care of your path to integrating with AI technologies

RADMIS are enterprise software developers focused on emerging technologies to solve challenging business problems.

Radmis' Rapid Product Prototyping frameworks and agile methodologies helps reduce technology investment risk through delivering fully functional, ubiquitous, secure, high availability, robust & scalable enterprise products in the shortest time possible powered by Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Radmis platforms can be deployed across multiple technologies with a strong focus on natural language processing software development.

Proven to deliver, we will not disappoint

Solutions: white-labelled enterprise platforms; Business Intelligence (data mining, Artificial Intelligence algorithm development, predictive analytics, reporting dashboards); voice enabled reporting; process automation; product & service design/development (prepaid, mobile, security & fraud mitigation, multi-channel commerce, Interactive digital marketing/campaign management); product research, new/fragmented & niche market exploration, product strategy & commercialisation.

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